AIOU 463 Guess Paper Fundamental Business

Allama Iqbal Open university is a famous university of Pakistan. Every year thousand of students get admission in this university. You get complete detail about this university online free from this page. Aiou 463 Guess Paper Fundamental Business is now available. This code 463 guess paper is guessed by subject professional. The guess paper for the code 463 containing the following important questions. Fundamental of Business subject guess paper is presented now.

AIOU 463 Guess Paper Fundamental Business BA

Q # 01:- What are the business combinations? Explain in detail the types and advantages of business combinations.

Q # 02:- what is the difference between a public company and private company? Discuss in detail the procedure required in formation of a company in Pakistan.

Q # 03:- What is meant by the financial resources? Explain in detail the different sources of finance for a business.

Q # 04:- Define international trade. What are the main reasons for its development? Also discuss the points of similarity and difference between national and international trade.

Q # 05:- Define Partnership, what are its essential elements? Also identify the main differences between a partnership firm and a joint stock company.

Q # 06:- List the basic steps involved in Decision Making.

Q # 07:- Differentiate between Day Time Wages and Piece Rate Wages. Also discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Code 463 Guess Paper Basics Of Business

Q # 08:- What are the main principles to be followed if you want to run your company efficiently?

Q # 09:- Define a Holding company. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Holding Companies.

Q # 10:- What do you understand by industrial relations? Is there any law about industrial relations in Pakistan?

Q # 11:- Many local retail stores & service establishments are owned and managed by one man. What are the reasons behind it? Also give examples of such stores from your areas.

Q # 12:- What impact environment usually make on business? Name five environmental aspects & elaborate their effect on business.

Q # 13:- Discuss the formation of a cooperative society. Give its advantages & disadvantages for running this business on large scale.

Q # 14:- What is the importance of “Inventory System” in Manufacturing Industry Enumerate the essential requirement for an effective control system in a factory?

Q # 15:- If there was no concept of “Insurance” there would have been no imports & exports trade. Discuss with this reference the major kinds of insurance i.e Fire & Marine Insurance.

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