AIOU BS Computer Science Old Papers

AIOU BS Computer Science Old Papers avail on this page and all students of this university get complete detail online free from here. Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU is a public research university in Islamabad, Pakistan. You get complete detail about this university online free from here.  Established in 1974, it is Asia’s first open university with a strong emphasis on providing distance education in  law, philosophy, engineering, natural & social sciences. This is a famous university of Pakistan and every year thousand of students get admission here. The university is the world’s fourth largest institution of higher learning, with an annual enrollment of 1,121,038 students (as of 2010), the majority are women, and course enrollment of 3,305,948 (2011).

AIOU BS Computer Science Old Papers and guess paper given on this page. AIOU offers extensive undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programmes in academic disciplines. It is considered the most attractive university in the country and has the most applicants per year. This university gives all type of facilities to its all students. It is noted for its cost-effective policy to provide higher education at a minimum cost through a specialized fund managed by the government. Allama Iqbal Open University is offering various academic programmes to the students at undergraduate, graduate postgraduate and doctoral level. THis university is known as top university of Pakistan. After witnessing the success of Open University in the United Kingdom, AIOU was established as a public university in 1974. You get complete detail about this university from here.  It is offering admissions to the students in many disciplines and large number of students is currently enrolled in the university in various programs. In this page we share with you all old Papers of aiou and all students of this university get advantages from here.

AIOU BS Computer Science Old Papers

Compulsory Subjects

  • Code No 417 Pakistan Studies
  • Code No 418 Ethics
  • Code No 903 Operating System
  • Code No 112 French Online
  • Code No 114 Arabi Bol Chaal
  • Code No 416 Islamic Studies
  • Code No 920 Electronics
  • Code No 1423 Compulsory English-I
  • Code No 3401 Mathematics for Computing-I
  • Code No 3402 Programming Concepts
  • Code No 1424 Compulsory English-II
  • Code No 3400 Fundamentals of Computer
  • Code No 3403 Mathematics for Computing-II
  • Code No 3404 Physics
  • Code No 3409 Digital Logic Design
  • Code No 3410 Database-I
  • Code No 3412 Research Methods
  • Code No 3406 Discrete Mathematics
  • Code No 3407 Programming Languages-I
  • Code No 3408 Data Structure
  • Code No 3413 Data Communication
  • Code No 3416 Computer Architecture
  • Code No 3418 Network Design
  • Code No 3414 Software Engineering-I
  • Code No 3415 Programming Language-III
  • Code No 3447 Statistics and Probability
  • Code No 3451 Artificial Intelligence
  • Code No 3457 Management Theory and Practice
  • Code No 3461 Management Information System
  • Code No 3466 Analysis and Design of Algorithms
  • Code No 3452 Theory of Automata
  • Code No 3453 Computer Organization and Assembly
  • Code No 3456 Business Communication
  • Code No 3468 Compiler Construction
  • Code No 3477 Design Fundamentals

    Specialization Areas 


  • Code No 3469 Computer Graphics
  • Code No 3462 Multimedia System
  • Code 3488 Computer Graphics application

Information Technology (IT)

  • Code No 3471 Introduction to E-Business
  • Code No 3472 IT Services Management
  • Code No 3444 Network and System Administration
  • Code No 3445 Database Administration

Software Engineering

  • Code No 3483 Software Quality and Testing
  • Code No 3464 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Code No 3481 Design Patterns
  • Code No 3482 Software Architecture
  • Code No 3465 Software Engineering-II
  • Code No 3467 Database-II


  • Code No 3484 Data and Network Security
  • Code No 3485 Distributed Computing
  • Code No 3444 Network and System Administration
  • Code No 3476 Network Strategy
  • Code No 3486 Wireless Networks
  • Code No 3487 Network Programming